Our Mission.

Our mission is to provide access to information, education & support for women currently living with epilepsy in Australia to improve overall wellbeing and reduce health risks.

To achieve our vision, we are undertaking the following activities:

  • Facilitate online & in person peer support network/s for women living with epilepsy in Australia​;
  • Provide affordable, relevant and easily accessible resources (including but not limited to webinars, factsheets, website, eNewsletter, social media etc.) to women living with epilepsy in Australia and the wider community to inform and educate, particularly those issues which uniquely effect women with epilepsy​;
  • Advocate for improved medical & support services and infrastructure that are available to women living with epilepsy in Australia, their carers, families, colleagues and friends via collaboration with relevant industry stake holders (health rebates for medical issues directly related to or caused by epilepsy, seizure safety apparatus, access to employment services , greater representation in medical research and literature etc.);​
  • Increase epilepsy awareness within the wider community and eliminate stigma associated with epilepsy within the wider community and public via educational resources such as webinars, factsheets, discussion, eNewsletter and social media;​
  • Increase communication and understanding between the epilepsy community and individuals, and health & industry professionals such as neurologists, doctors, nurses, allied health, researchers and academics to enable better health outcomes; ​
  • Empower and validate experiences of women living with epilepsy through shared experiences​; and
  • Improve mental health and wellbeing in people with epilepsy, with specific focus on women living with epilepsy in Australia via support networks, programs and education.