Key People.

We have a diverse Board and wonderful volunteers that work together to build our services and resources.

Our Board consists of a mix of people with a broad range of skills and experience, from people living with epilepsy to those with experience in government, medical and community sectors.


Executive Chairperson and Co-Founder.


Ella has worked in various sectors including government, health management and education. She has experience with compliance, community engagement, governance, marketing & communications, contract management, and systems implementation. Ella holds a Bachelor of Arts – Distinction and a Diploma of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) and currently lives with her partner in inner north-east Melbourne.​

Ella has Genetic Generalised Epilepsy for over 10 years, which was diagnosed at the age of 22 after her first seizure. Prior to her diagnosis Ella knew little about epilepsy or it’s impacts, or its ability to up-end a life. She has been seizure free for two years and has just transitioned anti-epileptic medications in preparation of starting a family.​

Ella is a driven self-starter, with a deep sense of social justice, integrity, honesty and understanding. She is passionate about providing and empowering women with epilepsy with invaluable peer support networks and accessible information, particularly at the time of their diagnosis. She envisions ending the misinformation and stigma associated with epilepsy, working with the wider community to achieve this, with a particular interest in increasing epilepsy awareness and understanding in the workplace.


Executive Director.


Danielle has worked in the profit for purpose sector for the past 5 years, and has experience with philanthropy, social enterprise, community engagement and social impact. She has previously worked in cosmetic product development; and has 2 young children.

​Danielle has medically resistant frontal lobe epilepsy. With her first seizure at 1, it took 24 more years to receive a diagnosis of epilepsy. Another 20 years on, and she has ended her diagnostic odyssey with the discovery of a gene mutation during her participation in medical research. Danielle takes 3 different AED’s, and is on the public waiting list for a Vagus Nerve Stimulator. ​

Passionate about gender equality, she believes women deserve to be empowered with the right information to enable better health outcomes. ​Danielle dreams about a world where epilepsy is no longer invisible, and holds out hope for a cure in her lifetime.


Executive Director and Co-Founder.


Laura has worked across a variety of industries and roles within government and private sectors including HR, Complaint resolution and management, B2B sales/marketing, account management, compliance and policy creation/review and corporate governance. Laura holds an agents representative license with REIV. She is a proud Melbournian with regional and international ties.

Laura suffered a blood clot which inducted seizures at the age of 14 resulting in surgery at the age of 15. Seizures returned in her early 20s where Laura embarked on surgery in Canada where they removed a large portion of her left temporal lobe. While highly successful and seizure free this surgery did require Laura to learn to speak and read again.

​Laura is a highly driven and relentlessly passionate individual who places high value on her care for others. Laura is task oriented and hands-on in her approach with an agile mindset. A direct communicator who values honest communication. Laura’s goal is to reach every woman with Epilepsy in Australia and provide the support and tools they require to help manage their life living with epilepsy.


Our volunteers are an enormous part of our growing organisation. We literally could not function without them!

We are incredibly grateful for the contributions our volunteers make to Australian Women with Epilepsy, and the passion and enthusiasm in which they perform their roles!

We also work with a number of wonderful local businesses and organisations who help us achieve our vision.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or getting involved in a different way, please get in touch with us here.